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    Size of exe file

    I am working on Borland C++ 4.0 version compiler and Win NT system.

    If I add any standard library function very first time to my program, size of the exe file increases significantly, whereas, adding the same library function next time will increase the file size by few bytes.

    For example, Using sscanf first time, increased the file size by about 2000 bytes. But adding the same library function next time, increased it by only 20 bytes.

    Can anybody explain me this?

    Is this true with my own written function?( in Same file and not from Library)

    As per my understanding, library functions are statically linked and not dynamically.


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    The first time you use a functon in a library, it includes the header and your line of code. Additional uses just add your extra function call, thus, you only get a few more bytes to your executable.

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