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    Lightbulb BIOS settings

    Hi everyone,
    I'm planning to write a BIOS setting tools using C.
    This way I won't have to press F2 everytime I restart my computer and set it, instead I can 2x click the .exe and set it.

    The problem is that, how do I need to start off?
    Any particular information which is needed?
    Are there any samples?

    Pls help.

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    that sounds like a very dangerous thing to do.. also pretty difficult

    And how often do you change bios settings, i'd think it'd be easier to just use the existing bios config, if you're doing to overclock there are tools to mess with clock speed, just search google.

    i'm pretty sure you'd require a good bit of ASM, and as for examples, I'd look for open source tools that already configure specific BIOS settings, just to get an idea of what you're getting yourself into.

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    hi, thanks for the reply.
    the reason i'm doing this is because I need to automate the
    process directly instead of doing it manually.

    for example, if I would disable onboard sound by clicking the .exe, what should I do?, how would I write the codes?, are there any
    way that I can retrieve what data should I set to the BIOS to enable this feature?

    Are there any links which can give me a head start?

    Thanks and regards,
    yin howe

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    i'm not sure... disabling the bios soundcard while it's in use doesn't sound 100% safe, but I'd go look for people who know asm, as I figure you probably need to play around in the 11/12h interrupts (AFAIK these are where system configuration resides)

    I'm almost 100% certain you'll need a bit of asm to pull this off.

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    Hi Cozman,
    I have this program which can configure the BIOS in DOS mode.
    Well it applies only to a certain of system, not all system can use it.

    Does you know a tool which can set the BIOS settings in DOS mode? For example, enable USB emulation to "on" in DOS prompt:-

    c:\>bios.exe 009B 1

    bios.exe will be the dos program
    009B will be the example address for the USB
    1 is on, while 0 is off.

    Is there such a program or can someone pls tell me how can I write my own? Can I write this using DOS batch command instead of C?

    Thanks a lot!

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    sorry, I dont have any idea if/how this'd be possible

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