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    in need of help

    Unhappy communication

    hi im trying to do serial communication between two computers using bioscom. I have two graphics programs in a win 32 environment not DOS.

    Basically if i press a key say a 4 on the keyboard on one of the computers i need it to go thru the communications line and carry out a function in the program on the other computer. My problem is i dont know how to send a character to the other computer and get it to act as if a key was hit on that computer. and take input and carry out a function.

    I know bioscom only deals with characters and as im sending integers i need to translate them using itoa......but how do i do it all?

    ive established communication between the computers using

    #include <bios.h>
    #define DATA_READY 0x100
    #define SETTINGS ( 0x80 | 0x02 | 0x00 | 0x00)
    int main (void){
    int COM1 = 0;
    int status, OK=0;
            printf("\t\t\tSetting up communications");
            printf("\n\n\nEnter Communication port being used: ");
            scanf("%d", &COM1);
            bioscom(0, SETTINGS, COM1);  
            status=bioscom(3, 0, COM1);
            if (status & DATA_READY){
            printf("communication OK - any key to continue");
              return 0;
    i've looked all over the net and thru books but i cant find anything that i understand plz can someone help me?

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    in need of help
    because i was told that i have to use bioscom but i dont know how to....

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    I got this from Borland's library reference book (watered down for length) for _bios_serialcom if it will be of any use.

    #define com1 0
    #define DATA_READY 0x100
    #define TRUE 1
    #define FALSE 0
    #define SETTINGS (_COM_1200 | _COM_CHR7 | _COM_STOP1 | COM_NOPARITY)
    ...// main
    unsigned in, out, status;
    _bios_serialcom(_COM_INIT, COM1, SETTINGS);
        status = _bios_serialcom(_COM_STATUS, COM1, 0);
        if(status & DATA_READY)
            if((out = _bios_serialcom(_COM_RECIEVE, COM1, 0) & 0x7F) != 0)
         in = getch();
         _bios_serialcom(_COM_SEND, COM1, in);
    ../ end main
    I'd expect that in could also be used to send one byte at a time from a string using something like

    char string[] = "test string";
    int i;
    for(;;) // from Borland's code
    for(i = 0; string[i] != '\0'; i++)
    _bios_serialcom(_COM_SEND, COM1, string[i]);
    I haven't tried that myself, but I'd be interested in knowing if any part of it works. Good luck.
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    It is ammazing what you can find on google, and this is one of many hits....

    this one looks what you maybe after

    and the search took the same time to type this reply..hope it helps.
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