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    >>i would like to be able to get the actual string back as a normal int
    OK, one last attempt on my part at understanding exactly what you are trying to do. martin_00, answer me these:

    - What does your input string look like? Give a precise example.
    - Do you want to extract data from all of it, or from between two specific points (start/end)?
    - What do you mean by returning a "normal int"?
    - What exactly do you want to be returned, and how does it relate to the input string?
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    i kind of did give a example of the string. this is just a function i thought might teach me a little more about c. it is basically a excuse to make a library just for the sake of making a library.

    the function itself should return the data inbetween to points, the function should return the middle. but since you guys showed me before i was returning a adress i would like to just return the actuall charcaraters.

    so know i have to use it like:
    strcpy( some_char, copy("pleasefixme", 7, 9);

    i would like it to return a int so i could use it like this
    printf("%s\n", copy("pleasefixme", 7, 9));

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    #include <stdio.h>
    int returnAnsi(char);
    int main(void)
       char mystring[] = "testing this string";
       int code,i;
       char letter;
       for(i=5; i < 12; i++)
    	letter = mystring[i];
    	code = returnAnsi(letter);
    	// do something with code	
    	printf("%c ansi code: %d [string tested]: %s\n", letter, code, mystring);
       return 0;
    int returnAnsi(char ansi)
       return ansi;
    Find something to do with the returning int and you're set.
    I haven't used a compiler in ages, so please be gentle as I try to reacclimate myself. :P

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