Thread: Sockets, questions.

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    Sockets, questions.

    What is async sockets, raw sockets and stream sockets.

    I don't understand all this things, thanks

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    There is some info. about stream sockets here but I not sure about the others. I know if you do a search at google you will find somthing on raw sockets but I haven't heard of the other type (But I don't know much about sockets )
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    I think that the OP means non-blocking sockets when he refers to 'async sockets'.

    This simply means that a socket function (connect, recv,send) will not block when called. The application has to use some method to find out when a socket is ready to be read/sent on or when a socket connection attempt has succeeded of failed. The standard function to do this is select().

    This allows a program to do something else while waiting for a socket operation - often working with other sockets.

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