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    I am thinking about buying myself a compiler! I want to know from you lot which compiler you think is the best! Currently I have Dev-c++ and DJGPP. It would be nice if you could include comparisons between the compiler you think is the best and one or both of the compilers I have! I would use it to make little windows programs like address books etc. but i would like to make somthing quite compilcated and big (I dunno somthing like a web browser) once I have more knowledge of C programming

    Thank you

    Daniel Granger
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    Compiler:- MSVC++ 6 or DJGPP or Dev-c++ (Mingw)

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    You do not need to buy a compiler to do any of those things. The free software is more than enough to do what you want. However, since you want to spend money, and it appears you are on a windows based system, I think MSVC++ is probably the best for windows programming. They put a lot of work into their compiler and I'm under the impression it is very good. I, on the other hand, am perfectly fine using lcc-win32 for all of my windows compiling needs. It does all that I am interested in, and I did not have to spend a dime.

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    Re: Compilers?

    Originally posted by Granger9
    Currently I have Dev-c++ and DJGPP.
    Dev-C++ is not a compiler, it is an IDE. as for buying suggestions, don't. gcc > all.
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    Yeah, free stuff is just as good as the expensive stuff most of the time. Stick with your freeware, unless you have absolutely nothing else to spend your money on.
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    If you are going to spend - I recommend MSVC++, it is a great IDE / compiler.

    Otherwise in the free market GCC is probably the best compiler. Haven't had much XP with the range of free IDE's though. I usually use vi.
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    You can make big and complex things with free tools, no expensive tools are needed for such. I use GCC a lot for C programming and it is good. There are a lot of free libraries you can download and use to make your Windows programs.

    I would suggest you spend your money on some good programming books.

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    LCC WIN32 !$!@$@!$!$@


    mmm. lccc.

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    Thumbs up Thank you

    Thanks everyone for the help. I got VC++ now!!!
    OS:- XP
    Compiler:- MSVC++ 6 or DJGPP or Dev-c++ (Mingw)

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    vc 6 is lacking somewhat for c++ but is reasonably ok for c. is much better for c++. Its almost standard comforming and certainly better than vc 6.
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    Re: Thank you

    I got VC++ now!!!
    Pity, if you go with native C++, it should be gcc.
    But if you go with Windows, it should be
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