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    List file

    im looking for a easy way to list files/directpries, almost a basic ls command program. i have checked out a couple website about this but must are either serval pages or wont complile.

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    where did "DIR *d;" come from?

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    i was going to do this in linux. but a way that would work in linux and dos would be nice.

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    can any one tell me how to only show folders?

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    well, the first code you gave me does work fine (thanks) in linux and windows but the second doesnt want to work in windows.
    I set the dir to C: and nothing gets listed, any ideas why?

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    im kind of new to to c and i need some kind of libarary/header reference site, any ideas? i know a couple that help with the major/standard ones, but nothing about libraries like these.

    thanks for the help

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    that site does show how to use it, but it doesnt explain alot. theres pages for things like printf and and the whole stdio.h library in books/online but what about the other functions/libraries? thats what i need, a mix between a howto and a reference book.

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    also, how could i find out what dir the program is working in. i dont see a whereami like command in io.h

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    i was just looking for a particulary good book/website. im still learning c and really cant tell the difference between a great c site and bull. if it explains it and resembles a man page i just have to assume its good. if i knew it i wouldnt be looking it up!

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    >i was just looking for a particulary good book/website.
    Book: The C Programming Language (K&R)
    Website: You're on it.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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