Thread: malloc(); and free();

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    malloc(); and free();

    What do malloc(); and free(); do?

    What are they used for? Could somebody please show me an example?

    Also, what header files do i include to use these functions?

    I use MSVC++ 6!


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    malloc is used for dynamic memory allocation, free is used to free the memory allocated by malloc (or calloc, realloc)

    read the manual pages for more information

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h> /* needed for malloc, free */
    int main(void)
       char *msg;
       msg = malloc(13); /* allocate memory (13 bytes) */
       if(msg == NULL)
          return -1;
       strcpy(msg, "Hello world!");
       printf("%s\n", msg);
       return 0;

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