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    double arrays

    I need an array of dimension NxN but I need to malloc instead of doing 'int a[N][N];' and read in integers. I tried the following:

    int ..........;
    a=(int **)malloc(N*sizeof(int**));
    and (a+i+j) to store the scanned value using nested for loops. It's not working since a+1+0 is the same as a+0+1

    could anyone help? C or C++

    *new programer*

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    first the proper declaration is
    int **a;
    first you have to allocate space so that a can hold N pointers
    a= mallco(N*sizeof(int *));
    the loop through i to allocate space for N elements in each of of the N pointers

    a[i] or *(a+i) is the pointer to the ith row
    so the i,j element is *(*(a+i)+j) or a[i][j] or *(a[i]+j),

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    thanks, I just figured out how to do it.


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