Thread: a good book about c??

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    One book I like it very much is "Teach yourself C in 21 days" by SAMS Publishing. It starts with "Hello word" but I think is a great book.

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    another book you may find out. C how to program - by deitel. well.... there's a lot of stuff right there. show you what should you do, and what you shouldn't do .. that's all

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    Thx all i just ordered the books Pointers on C by kenneth Reek...
    The only thing is that i still have to wait 8 weeks before the bookstore has it because it has to come all the way from America to Europe. But meanwhile ill be using some tuts of the net ..
    Thx to whoever pointed out to that book.

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    I would recommend the following book:

    Absolute Beginner's Guide to C
    Second Edition
    The friendly, informative way to learn the C language

    by Greg Perry
    SAMS Publishing
    ISBN 0-672-30510-0

    This book helped me a lot!

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    About K&R, it's a great book

    but you'll need some programming background before reading it.

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