Thread: File saving problem in DevC++ pls help ???

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    File saving problem in DevC++ pls help ???

    hello friends, i am using DevC++ and i am having some problem with saving the file on disk.
    it is actually happening with the compiler whenever i am trying to open a file the DevC++ first looks at the floppy drive , i mean the floppy drive is activated first adn then when it does not find the floppy in it then it opens the file from actual location.

    also whenever i am trying to save the file it first tries to save on the floppy and makes the drive active and when the floppy is not there then it looks and saves on to the disk.
    and hence saving the file takes a hell lot of time..

    pls tell me how to remove this internal floppy drive path settings...

    thanks lots..

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    I have no idead .Its happens to amlost all dev-c++ compilers.WEll the best place to post this would be at .
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    hey thanks.. i will post that ... at bloodshed .. thanks.. once again..

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    I've had this happen before. I fixed it in no time since in my case the problem was obvious. I had copied Dev-C++4 onto a floppy to give it to a friend. I ran the exe from the floppy to make sure that the file wasn't corrupted and all the registers were changed so that the computer thought I installed Dev-C++ from the floppy. I just reinstalled it. Anyways, while you're at bloodshed you may want to pick up the newest Dev-C++.

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