Thread: qsort please help. Thanks

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    Ann Lim

    qsort please help. Thanks

    I'm facing some problem in sorting algoritm.

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    Um, What might that problem be?

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    Ann Lim
    sorry for the incomplete posting.

    I'm doing sorting for up to 500 name entries. These name might in Ascii char (upper case or lower case) or Unicode. So how to compare entries without case sensitive. Thanks.

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    use strcmp() or strncmp()
    this could check for the priority by value of ASCII.
    but you need to include <string.h>

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    Ann Lim
    How about if it's case sensitive. I do used "topper" to convert all entries to upper case 1st before strcmp. But it come to problems if the entries is in unicode (chinese character). So any suggestion? Thanks.

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    If you need the algorithum try google. heh lots of hits there

    If you're new to the boards, welcome and reading this will help you get started.
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    So basically you need string compare's for wide characters. Check out this function:

    int wcsncmp( const wchar_t *string1, const wchar_t *string2, size_t count );
    From MSDN: ( on return type )

    < 0 string1 substring is less than string2 substring
    0 string1 substring identical to string2 substring
    > 0 string1 substring greater than string2 substring

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    If you need a case insensitive compare why not just make a copy string and convert the string to one case?

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    Ann Lim
    I used qsort to sort 500 name entries in ASCII or Unicode and here is my sort function. But the program reset when it try to run this function. But if i sort without case sensitive which mean i use strcmp directly i seem ok.

    	int status, i, j;
    	char nameStr1[PHB_MAX_LEN], nameStr2[PHB_MAX_LEN];
    	memset(nameStr1, 0, PHB_MAX_LEN);
    	memset(nameStr2, 0, PHB_MAX_LEN);
    	if(0x80 !=arg1->name[0])
    		for(i=0; i<PHB_MAX_LEN;i++)
    			nameStr1[i] = toupper(arg1->name[i]); 
    	if(0x80 !=arg2->name[0])
    		for(j=0; j<PHB_MAX_LEN;j++)
    			nameStr2[j] = toupper(arg2->name[j]);
    	if((0x80 !=arg1->name[0])&&(0x80 !=arg2->name[0]))
    		status = strcmp((char*)nameStr1, (char*)nameStr2);
    		status= memcmp( (char*)arg1->name, (char*)arg2->name, PHB_MAX_LEN);
    	return status;

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