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    Post cprogramming help

    I have a program to write for my c programming class. I have to set up a date conversion program. Input a date as 12/07/02 and have the program print it a dec 07, 2002.(the date may be entered as one string or 3 separate integers.)

    I also have to check for invalid days of the month, and when the day is invalid post a message "Day invalid"

    could someone please help me??????????

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    First off welcome to the boards, seconds off I'd like to inform you of where we all stand. We will help you but we won't do your work for you. Get your basic program written and post your code, then we can help you.

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    just like master5001 said

    Make your basic code, if you'll get in problems, post your code here, and we'll try to help you.

    I think you'll need array to solve this question, good luck.
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    just a hint firs of use this

    scanf("%d%*c%d%*c%d", month, day, year );

    Well if the person enters say 12/12/2002 it trows away the / so if the person enter 12:12:2002 it does the same thin..

    You can make a *array[]={"NULL","Jan", "Feb".....

    So is the month os 2 then do this printf( "%s", array[month] );

    Now try to build your code..
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