Thread: stack implementation problem-help needed

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    stack implementation problem-help needed

    hi friends,

    i have a problem in implementing a stack data structure.

    this is a simple array + struc implementation
    i would be greatful if anyone could give me guidance

    actually if i am push some elements into the stack
    then displaying it ,
    my delete function does not work, because the subscript is decremented in display
    to 0. so the stack throws up a message stack is empty.

    if i am not going to my display function after pushing in elements to the stack
    then the prog work okay (becuse top subscript is not decremented to zero)

    i would be greatful if anyone could point out my mistakes

    for logical
    and efficiency

    thanks a lot

    for the help

    #define stacksize 15
    void delete();
    void push();                /* function prototype */
    void display();
    struct stack                /* creating a stack */
        int top;                /* subscript for pointing to top of stack */
        int item[stacksize];    /* array to hold the data value */
        int n;                  /* no of item to be pushed into stack */
    struct stack s;
    int x;
    void push()
            printf(" Enter  no of elements to be pushed\n ");
                    printf("enter the data value to be inserted \n");    
    		if ( >= stacksize)
                        printf(" the stack is full ");
                        s.item[] = x ;
            }while (s.n > 0);
    void delete()
        if ( == 0)         /* check for empty condition */
                printf(" the stack is empty \n");
                x = s.item[];
    void display()      /* function to display the elements of the stack */
            printf(" the elements of the stack are \n");
            while( > 0)        /* until not equal to zero */
                printf("%d\n ",s.item[]);
    int main()
            char c;
            int ch;
                printf("ENTER U'R CHOIC OF OPERATION \n");
                printf("1.PUSH      2.DISPLAY  3.DELETE \n ");
                    case 1:
                    case 2:
                    case 3:
              printf("Type 'y' to continue \n");
            } while (c=='y');
    return 0;

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    If you don't learn to debug your own code, you never will. That's not being mean, it's just true. If you can't, or don't want to do it yourself, then I would say development is not for you-- certainly not as a profession.

    Go back, flowchart your program (it's very easy to do), and I can almost guarantee that you will see the logic error and a way to correct it within minutes of completing your flowchart.

    Just walk through it. The greatest benefit a flowchart offers is allowing you to get the program out of your head and onto paper. It frees the mind and allows it to concentrate on things other than just holding on to information.

    good luck.
    It is not the spoon that bends, it is you who bends around the spoon.

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