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    Question Unix programming -- help

    hello, well this is a bit difficult question...

    if you know c programming, and some theory of OS workings, how can you make the transition into kernel programming etc?

    in general, i find it a bit difficult to bridge the gap between c programming, os theory and actual impementation of os. for example i know the loader kicks-off first and it's responsible for loading the os, but how does this work? where do you start for things like that?

    i know the linux and other unix kernels are open source, but it's just too much for me.

    there seems to be a hudge gap between os theory and implementation (or maybe in my mind :-) ). is there anyone here that programs for os, rtos etc? supposing you know c, where do you start?

    mailling lists such as kernel-hackers etc are just too advanced to follow. are there any list, boards, resources of a more basic level that you know of?

    Thanks in advance for you help...


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    You're probably better off asking this question on the Linux board. That's just a suggestion. I don't really know much about programming OS.

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