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    Lightbulb Treasure hunt

    Please can anyone help me!?
    I need to make this program whith graphs, alfa-beta algoritm and an heuristic function. It's a game with a mapa and 2 players. The mapa have in every node of the graph a treasure from 0 to 99. And the ways between node have a cust from 0 (no way-player can't go throught that way) and 9. Each player can make 1 move in their turn, they can be in a node both at the same time.
    So what do a need is someone who knows something about min-max algoritm and heuristic functions. That can help me to find the best heurist function to this game.
    Any ideas will be very helpfull.
    Thank you.

    PS:Sorry if i not express my self very well i'm not english.
    If it's something you would like to know more to try to help me please contact me.


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    I'm am posting this because it appears that you are posting a homework assignment or other project and you are asking for someone else to do all of the work.

    Please don't ask people to do all your work for you, See the announcement on Homework at the top of the forum to see what is acceptable ro PM. Basically people are happy to help, but they're not going to do it all for you.

    Show us what you've got, show your code (using code tags), or where you're confused and someone will be happy to help you I'm sure. If it's something that you absolutely don't understand how it works, like you have no clue how qsort works, then ask a general question about the function and I'm sure someone will explain it. Though they may not give you all of the code for it, but someone will explain the concept.

    On obivous homework questions especially, I like to remind people of the board's tenth guildeline, while this board is very helpful to people, make sure you have your instructor's permission before seeking help on assignments. While people on these boards are more than happy to help, we discourage people from asking for help on graded work without the instructor's permission, and we claim no repsonsibilty for any cheating or honor violations.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions.

    Good Luck,


    If you're new to the boards, welcome and reading this will help you get started.
    Information on code tags may be found here

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    Just to explain

    But i really don't what any kind of code.
    I was just asking for ideas. If you knew something about the matter you will understand that an heuristic function his very easy to programming but very difficult to find the best one. So what i ask was ideas not code because programming here is not the prob.
    Maybe i'm in the wrong place asking ideas to the wrong people, i saw that all the questions people make is about code but mine is about ideas to win the game not make the game.
    I would like very much that you askwer to my post.

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