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    Returning a string...

    It is possible to return a String from a function?
    If yes, how?

    I'am trying to return a full string from this function:
    char substr(char *str, int start, int end)
        int i,j;
        char strCp[100];
        for(i = start, j = 0; i <= end; i++,j++)
            strCp[j] = str[i];
        strCp[j] = '\0';
        return *strCp;
    But this dont work... he just returns 1 char, not all the string.

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    To return a string, make the return type char *. But in this case it won't work because your string is local, when the function returns it goes away so a pointer to it is invalid.

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    So, no way to solve my problem here?

    Hmm, just assigning to an global variable the value of my local variable? or this isnt good too?

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    You could strcpy() your local string to a global one if you wanted, in which case you wouldn't have to return it. However, use of global variables should be kept to a minimum.

    It is better to pass the function a pointer to a pre-allocated buffer, along with the size of the buffer. The function can then write data directly to it.
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    Ok, I got it :)

    Thanks for the help

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