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    Dunno if this is the correct place to put it and so, but it is on C.
    anyway, any good recommendations for C programming books? price no matter :s . erm, if possible maybe 1 with semaphore and threads examples, coz some books they don't even mention it, let alone show examples.
    Oh, and network programming as well. (sockets, ports etc) for simple chat, simple www server, etc.

    Soz for being a pain, but it the best way to actually get a decent book.

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    One good C book is:

    Beginninig C : by Ivor Horton, Wrox Press
    Mr. C: Author and Instructor

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    For sockets I only program in Linux. I recommed Linux Socket Programming by Sean Walton. Sorry, I dont program in Windows, therefore I dont know any socket programming for that OS.

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    C Unleashed is a book on applied C, it is a big book and treats a lot of subjects. In my opinion a good choice, for other opinions, search for book reviews. Most internet-bookshops have a large collection of book reviews.

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    Also check out some of the big book sites like You can also check out and go to the book section. It is down right now but when they get it up it should be a big help to you.

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    Nice URL Salem

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