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    the character value stores a name of user and the j stores his/her age.
    those two things stored in queue.
    I need to pop first data in queue and display them to the screen.
    but I can not figure out how to return two different types of values. Is there someway I can return Character value and interger?
    char dequeue(struct queue *q)
    	char name[25];
                    int i;
                   int j;
    	struct customer * tempPtr;
    	for(i=0; i<25; i++)
    	name[i] = q->front->firstname[i];
                     j = q->front->num;
    	tempPtr = q->front;
    	q->front = q->front->next;
    	if (q->front == NULL)
    		q->rear = NULL;
    	free (tempPtr);
    	return name;
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    you mean return char OR value into a variable? or char AND value into separated variable?

    char OR value into a variable
    > try declar the variable as character

    char AND value into separated variable
    > there's no any clue to return 2 value. but by using pointer you may fix this problem. for eg:

    int main (void)
    function (&char, &int);
    void function (char *a, int *b)
    printf ("enter character > ");
    scanf ("\n%c", &*a);
    printf ("enter integer > ");
    scanf ("\n%d", &*b);

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    There are a bunch of ways to return more than one value, the best in this situation is to pass the address of the variables to the function and just change them:

    char dequeue ( struct queue *q, char *name, int *j );

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