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    Urgent: reheapDown

    this a question from a book i dont know the answer to and i have a test tomorrow on this chapter. so i want to understand it for sure

    its a short answer, so it wont take much time

    q) assume you are working with a random array of integers with a range from 100 to 1000. in the algorithm reheapDown what is the largest value that u can use for the variable lowkey? why?

    if u want to see the code of reheapDown here it is


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    urgent? urgent for who? my frog?
    hello, internet!

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    I don't even see a variable called lowkey...

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    sorry, the line of code where u see

    rightKey = -1; // the -1 in pseudocode is the lowkey

    my answer is 99 but i am not sure

    i dont have a good explanation as to why should i support 99
    but its kinda like when u do the comparison

    of leftkey > rightkey

    if rightkey doesnt exist and we should set it to a number that is out of range and at the same time assured to be less than leftKey

    so the max to suit that condition would be 99

    am i wrong or right?
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