Thread: converting char to char???

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    Question converting char to char???

    i have an error in my program that says :
    cannot convert 'char' to char*' in function main()
    i have went over it and cannot find the problem... does anyone know?

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    might be u are trying to put in a string array in a char varaible ....are you using functions might be u are passing wrong stuff ur code that will help us to find the problem
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    Compilers normally give you line number to go with the error messages..... that'll be a good place to start.

    char is a single char (byte)
    char* is a pointer to a char.
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    char and char* are completely different types. I know it's confusing to understand at first, but that is how it works. Whenyou add a * to a type, it is like the differenec between int and char.

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