Thread: problem printing out structure after loading

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    ohmygod thts abs great! u r a genius!
    but i have a Q. can i not pass a copy of aCar instead of the address? will it not then be solved?

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    Passing structs around is not good practice, as they tend to be rather big (or can get to be so), and cause problems, so stick with passing addresses.

    >>cInv->pList[cInv->curSize] = (Car *)malloc(sizeof(Car));
    Here you malloc()'d memory to hold the structure. All you need do now is put the structure in it.
    >>cInv->pList[cInv->curSize] = aCar;
    Here you've goofed, because you're overwritten your pointer to your malloc()'d memory with another pointer. Now you can't free the memory you malloc()'d.

    So, to fix it:
    >>cInv->pList[cInv->curSize] = aCar;
    To :
    >>*(cInv->pList[cInv->curSize]) = *aCar;
    I think the syntax is correct, it's late and I could be wrong!

    Basically you can copy structs by direct assignment.
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    it works!!! thank u so much. i was trying to figure this out for the last 6 hrs. shows how dumb i am. :-) thanx again!

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