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Thread: How to Send Email

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    Question How to Send Email

    Hi All,
    I am wondoring how can we send email from C or C++. I know we have MAPI to send email, in C and C++. But when I am using MAPI, my C or C++ function should use outlook profile for perticular user. Means, If I wanted to user MAPI Microsoft outlook must be setup on computer from where I am executing my program. I dont want to do that. I have one exe, and I wanted to make it independent from Outlook set up.

    So, any one have idea about doing this then please give me reply.

    Also, I know one class in MFC which can use direct SMTP connection and sending email without using MS Outlook.

    I wanted same thing, connection with SMTP directly through C or C++, instead of MFC.

    Thank you very much,
    Sam Patel.

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    Go read the RFCs on SMTP -

    The get in some simple socket tutorials.....

    Connect to your SMTP server (whatever that may be) on port 25.

    Send strings detailing your email as per the RFCs you have already read....(Keywords like DATA, QUIT,HELO....etc)

    Its not too hard and can be done in a similar fashion with C++ or C...also, try a board search as this comes up regularly and posts have been given with detail on what to do

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