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    passing values

    I need some help passing two variables to another program.

    void create_process(char* prog_name, int userID, processID)
      // code
      // I need to convert the two int's to char to send them...??
      execl(prog_name, prog_name, userID, processID,0);
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
      int userID, processID;
      // convert argv[0] into userID and argv[1] into processID
    From what I can figure out I need to convert userID and processID to char to be able to send then to another program and then I need to convert them back into int's again but I dont know how. Please help.

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    argv[0] is nothing; argv[1] is the first passed argument
    hello, internet!

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    look up sprintf and snprintf.

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    Originally posted by vVv
    Just in case you take your own function's name serious - it doesn't create a new process, the old one is just replaced (common mistake to assume otherwise) so when the program you execute exits, your process is gone, too. So make sure you fork( ) off a /real/ new process and have that call execl( ) (man 2 fork).
    Yeah I've done the fork() thing

    sscanf and sprintf seem to have done the trick thanks. Part of the problem is I thought argv[0] was the first element.

    Another question, if I want to read what the user is typing on the keyboard what command(s) are recommended ?

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