Thread: how to write simple C program?

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    Unhappy how to write simple C program?

    i am new to programming. i have recently bought i know that i can compile C program. but how do i start? i open Visual Studio... and what should i do next? can anyone be kind enough to help this desperate little being? i just wanted to code a simple C program but i don't know where to start..... please help

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    to start you'll want to go to file new... then create new project. if you want to do a c or c++ app. you'll want to chose a winconsole32 application. then click ok, then you'll want to go to file new again and create a new c/c++ file. name your file then start your coding.....check out the tutorials on this site to help get ya started.
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    Your best bet is to either read the manual that comes with or to buy a book. A little reading and research can go a long way.
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    i think he means that the standard type in visual c is a c++ file,
    when you create an empty project, select new and text it "whatever.c" using the "" so that it doesn't save it as .c.txt
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