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    this delete function suppose delete a character stored in linked list. but it gives me error on buffer=buffer->cursor->next; code.

    void DeleteCharacter(bufferT buffer)
    	position ptemp;
    	ptemp = buffer -> head;
    	while(ptemp!= buffer->cursor)
    		buffer = buffer -> cursor ->next;
    	ptemp = buffer;
    here are definitions
    typedef struct node{
       char data;
       struct node *link;
       struct node *prev;
       struct node *next;
    }  node;
    typedef struct node *position;
    typedef struct bufferType{
       node *head;
       node *cursor;
       node *clipboard;
    } bufferType;

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    You should be checking for NULL. Additionally, how is your list set up? I'm assuming you've got:


    Given a node 'n', it has a double linked list 'c'. To thread 'c' correctly, you really should be doing:

    ptr = n->c;
    while( ptr != NULL && ptr != tofind )
    ptr = ptr->next;

    See, you're getting yours confused. Not every 'node' has a 'cursor'. 'cursor' is an element of 'bufferType', not of 'node'.

    That's where you're getting confused.
    You need a temporary 'node' pointer, as I've done above, and then you assign it like:
    position ptr;
    ptr = buffer->cursor;
    while( ptr != NULL && ptr != tofind )
        ptr = ptr->next;

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