Can any body solve all below

[1]write a program for creation of stack and to perform operationon the same.

[2]write a program that extracts a substring from given string.

[3] write a program to plot a curve y=4x for -1<x<1

[4]definr structure to represent
[i] Time in hours,minutes,second.
[ii]Node of link list.

[5] write a program that compares teo text file & prints the lines
where they first differ.

[6]write a program that printd itself.

[7]write a program that allocates enough space to bold a given string copies the string into this stroage and then increase the stroage to append additional character at the end of each string.

[8]write a program to find gcd of two numbers using recursion.

[9]write a program that determine what fraction of a given text consist of vowels.

[10]write a program that reads an integer and computes n! using recurision.

Can anybody solve this?

For 10 violations of the same rule in the same post!!!!!!