I've posted this to the worng board a few minutes ago, sorry. The thread has been deleted from the C++ area since this question is related to the C language, even if the compiler is Borland's C++ Builder. I'm trying to compile an app written in C.

Ok, then here goes the original message:


I've switched to an other IDE/compiler recently and now I have some difficulties again. I can change the locale to hungarian using setlocale in my new IDE (Borland C++ Builder 6) like this:

setlocale(LC_ALL,"Hun.852"); (this local is existing, I just verified it);

This is very good, setlocale reports success..etc. but nothing happens! Printf and the other output commands are still unable to print out the special hungarian chars, such as '' or ''.

The following is the result of a successful call to setlocale (via printf):


I've noticed that LC_MESSAGES appears to be missing (it is not declared in the header file either) Maybe this is the problem?

I tried to consult the docs (e.g.: Help files..) but I didn't find anything useful. There is a detailed exlpanation of other methods (C++ funcs) and some general info on locales / setlocale, that's all.

Is there anybody out there who knows C++ Builder 6 better than me? If so, then please tell me what do I do now (or where can I find more info about these things)!

Thanks in advance!