Thread: Behavior of printf

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    Behavior of printf

    Wanting to make sure the following leads to defined behavior (i.e. C standard). . .

    double x1, x2, n;
    x1 = . . .
    x2 = . . .
    printf("%f %f %f %f", modf(x1, &n), n, modf(x2, &n), n);
    Are the arguments always evaluated left to right so that printf would report the intended value of n in each case?



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    I don't have the Standard right here (it's at home)

    But function arguments are not evaluated in a defined order. And I don't see any reasons why it should be different with variadic functions.

    So my conclusion: sorry, it doesn't lead to defined behavior (it's implementation defined)
    Hope you don't mind my bad english, I'm Austrian!

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    Thanks for the reply. It's good to know even if it's not the answer I'd hoped for.


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