Thread: problems with sorting the arrays which are in already in file

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    Exclamation problems with sorting the arrays which are in already in file

    problem with buble sort
    printf("\n  STUDENT ID  No. OF SUBJECTS  STATUS  FEES DUE\n"); printf("\n-----------------------------------------------\n");
    printf("  %d         %d            %c     $%6.2f   \n", students[i].Student_ID, students[i].nose, students[i].status, students[i].Total_fees);
    out_file = fopen("STUDENT.DAT", "a");
             if(out_file ==(FILE *) NULL)
       printf("\nFailed to open file\n");
       printf("\nSuccessfully write to the file STUDENT.\n");
        printf("\nDo you want continue?  ");
        scanf("%c", &Answer);
       while (Answer =='y' || Answer =='Y');
       fprintf(out_file,"%d %d %c %6.2f\n", students[i].Student_ID, students[i].nose, students[i].status, students[i].Total_fees);
       in_file = fopen("STUDENT.dat", "r");
       if (in_file != NULL)
       printf("\nSuccessfully open the file for reading.\n");
       printf("\nFailed to open the data file.\n");
       fscanf(in_file,"%d %d %c %f", &students[i].Student_ID, &students[i].nose, &students[i].status, &students[i].Total_fees);
       while (fscanf(in_file,"%d %d %c %f", &students[i].Student_ID, &students[i].nose, &students[i].status, &students[i].Total_fees) != EOF)
         moves = 1;
       	while (moves > 0)
                	moves = 0;
                   students[i].Student_ID= 0 ;
    while (students[i].Student_ID < 100)
                	if(students[i].Student_ID > students[i+1].Student_ID)
                   	temp = students[i+1].Student_ID;
                    students[i+1].Student_ID = students[i].Student_ID;
                      students[i].Student_ID = temp;
          for (i = 0; i< RECORDS; i++)
       fprintf(out_file,"%d %d %c %6.2f\n", students[i].Student_ID, students[i].nose, students[i].status, students[i].Total_fees);

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    >problem with buble sort
    Yes, yes there is a problem with bubble sort.

    This is a problem too.

    Could you be more specific as to what is happening, what you want, and post some compilable code in code tags for us? Otherwise we'll just nitpick at every problem we see, driving you insane.

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    First of all no one is gonna read that ?? use code tags to post ur code post it again but this time using code tages e.g of a code tag

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main()
          return 0;
    how to use code tags do this [code] your code in hear [\code]

    instead of a \ use a / i did that so i could show u the syntax of whatever
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