Thread: Including files in exe

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    Including files in exe

    Say I want to include a .bmp file in my exe to be displayed on screen. How does the bmp file get linked to my code? A simple #include "bmpfile"? If that's the case, how do I know where the bmp file is in memory?

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    starting off with basics, do you know how to load a bitmap from an external file and display it on screen? if not, begin with that
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    A good, but non portable way of doing this might be to use an assembler such as NASM to do this.

    for instance, you can do this:

    [section .data]
    global _animage
    %incbin "image.bmp"
    And a C header file to go with it:

    #ifndef IMAGE_H
    #define IMAGE_H
    extern char *animage;
    Produce an object for the assembly file.

    You can use the pointer animage to access the bitmap, just know the filesize before you use it (maybe the bitmap will tell you this?)

    When you link up all the objects, including the object from the assembly code, your program should work fine.
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