Thread: help concering counting of words in one sentc..

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    Question help concering counting of words in one sentc..

    Hi Again
    i got the following prog so far.
    An example of how it works is as follow

    Enter a paragraph with less than 99 characters.

    Hi there. How are you? I guess you are fine.

    the number of sentences in the paragraph are: 3
    the number of words in the paragraph are: 10

    But i would like to know how can i count the number of words in each sentence, instead of in the entire paragraph.

    Please help
    Thank You.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #define max_char 100
    char   para[max_char];
     int     len_sent,i,count,count_sent,illegal,sentence;
    illegal = sizeof(para)-1;
    printf("Please enter a paragraph with less than %d characters\n",illegal);
    len_sent = strlen(para);
      for (i=0; i<len_sent; i++) {
         if (para[i]== '.' || para[i]=='?' || para[i]=='!')
    printf("the number of sentences are: %d\n", count_sent );
     for(i=0; i<len_sent; i++) {
       if (para[i] == ' ')
    printf("The number of words in the paragraph are %d\n",count);

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    First up, 2 things, please don't start new threads on the same topic. Your old one has 2 replies on it, maybe they will help you. And please use code tags when posting code. See my signature for an example and a link.

    Now, why not merge the two loops you've created into one. Count the number of words as you go through the array, and when you spot the end of a sentence, simply write out your message saying "Words in sentence 1 = 4" (or whatever). At this point, reset the word counter to 0 ready for the next sentence.
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