Thread: how to count sentences and words?

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    Unhappy how to count sentences and words?

    Hi there
    i got an assignment ..the pregram i have to do concerns allowing the user to enter a paragraph(char array).
    it should then count the number of words in the sentecne and list them . eg.
    if the user entered this.......Hi i am Ray.
    it should do this-> Word1: hi
    word2: i
    word3: am
    word4: Ray
    it also shold tell the user how much sentences they

    the number of senteces were: 4(depends on how many sentences)

    I am kindly asking for some assistance...if possible and example of a source cods to do this.

    thank you
    take car.

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    If your kindly asking then why not attempt it yourself and post some code, as we will not complete your homework assignments for you. Seems pretty self explanatory though and not to hard...

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