Thread: receiving stderr and stdout from popen

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    receiving stderr and stdout from popen

    Hello all,

    consider the code for running an external process and receiving the output:
            read_fp = popen(system_call,"r");
            if (read_fp != NULL)
                    chars_read = fread(sys_result, sizeof(char), sizeof(my_var)-1,                      read_fp);	
    i want to be able to receive the stdout stream and not the stderr stream.

    is this done by popen by default, or will i have to change the system_call or the external process?

    i think i've just answered my question!!! maybe cat "2>/dev/null" on the end of system_call???

    i would still like to know about popen though.

    TIA, rotis23

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    You can also use pipe() and fork(), which is what I *believe* popen() does anyway. There's sample code of this somewhere, I thought it was here but it doesn't look like I remember Anyway, it may help you.
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