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    Lightbulb connecting to another computer

    Hi all,
    Is there a way I can connect to another computer using c programming? What do i need to do if I want to access a file in another computer.

    thanks and regards,

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    >> Is there a way I can connect to another computer using c programming?

    remote or local?

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    it's like I want to use Cprogramming to connect to a server so that I can modify or update the database in that particular server.

    is it possible?

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    If you want to use databases I'm pretty sure the database provider has a driver for this for download. It's called ODBC for Open DataBase Connectivity. If you are using the MFC you can access such datasources using the CDatabase class.

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    databases like mysql usually have a c api that have have functions that allow you to connect remotely.

    have a look at the mysql c api docs at

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