Thread: Who's telling the truth??? Career Advice Needed Badly

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    Who's telling the truth??? Career Advice Needed Badly

    this was originally posted in the general discussion board. Would like to get some input from this board as well. THANKS, ....
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    I am trying my dam'est to figgure out a route to take for beginning a career in IT >< The computer science department head at my local community college swears to me that if I take the program they've put together (an associate of science in database management which is heavily weighted in oracle classes) I will have a good paying job waiting for me upon completion. >< However, speaking to a staff memeber at the University of Florida, I was given different advice. I was told that if I was going to go the associates route, I should just go for certification ( I think that is the whole idea behind the community college's associate of science degree in database management.) Further, she suggested, If I wanted any "real" job in IT, I needed to obtain a 4 year degree. ><
    So, here I sit with no knowledge and contradictary information. Additionally, it wouldn't hurt for you to know a lil about my personal situation. I am a single father (with custody) of two mid-school-aged daughters. I run a business for myself inorder to support us all ( it doesn't pay much - I'm constantly juggling bills.) I am looking for the quickest route to a 30k - 35k a year salary with upward potential in the following years. Thanks for your help. Advice from this group is always carefully listened to and appreciated sincerely! Andy

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    Lesson one, don't cross post

    Most people that come here read a variety of forums.... and will see your thread in GD. This board is for C code talk only.

    Please post all follow ups on this thread.
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