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    Lightbulb New program help (dieselboy extension)

    Registered user now..

    Anyways.. back to the issue.. want to read command line input and then creat full class C network list from the input. EX.

    ./executable 192.168.10

    creates file NETWORK-192.168.100 with all address' 1 - 255 in the file.. each address on its own line.

    Is it better to first read in command line and store that in a variable.

    such as

    #include <stdio.h>


    int addr;

    for (int step=1;step<255;step++)
    printf "$addr.$step \n";

    anyone help with what is possibly wrong here? I appreciate the direction guys..

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    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main( int argc , char *argv[] )
        int cnt_main;
        FILE *fPtr;
        if ( argc == 1 )
            printf( "Usage : IP addres e.g <190.20.0>" );
           if ( (fPtr = fopen( "network.txt" ,"w" )) != NULL ){
              for ( cnt_main = 0; cnt_main <= 255; cnt_main++ )
                  fprintf(fPtr, "%s.%d\n", argv[1], cnt_main );
           fclose( fPtr );
              printf( "Error could not create file" );
            return 0;
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    Exclamation Exactly what I was looking for!!

    Thanks for putting up this piece of code... It has helped me alot in understaning how to write C. I am now working on doing the same thing for class B address space. This is a bit harder as you have to step 1 in 3rd octet then step 255 in 4th before stepping up in the 3rd again... I will hopefully be able to figure this one out....

    I appreciate all the help.. if anyone can recommend some other beginning C projects or lessons I would appreciate it.. I need to learn by doing.. it is what works best for me...

    thanks again..


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    A really cool book!


    Well I've posted that link to GNU C lib help and online docs, but if you don't like that, then try "The C Programming Language" (second edition) by Dennis M. Ritchie and Brian W. Kernighan. (I hope the spelling is correct..-

    These gentleman are the invertors of C, so they really know everything about it. The book is very good (at least in my opinion). It contains many example programs / exercises which are helpful.

    I think you can buy the book online at

    Hope this helps!

    Best Regards,


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