Thread: Borland Turbo C/C++ V3.0 Problems

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    Unhappy Borland Turbo C/C++ V3.0 Problems

    Hello fellow programmers...

    im currently in my second year of my course at college, after studying VB for the first year, the second year we have the oportunity to study c programming..

    Its the first time ive used this software at home, ive got it installed, i change the prefrences for the line setting to 43/50 or what ever it is.. all my programms work fine at college.. but when the come to work at home the output screen looks nothing compared to the way it is setup at college...

    is there some sort of setting that ive got to change?

    College uses WINDOWS 2k Pro
    I Use Windows ME

    could it be the dos version? - but ive used win 2k at home and the same problem happens...

    sorry ive explained this really badley!

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    It's all a bit vague really, but why don't you post a small amount of code that we can compile, and explain what your output should look like, and what you're seeing as the problem.
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
    If you're posting code, use code tags: [code] /* insert code here */ [/code]

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