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    Unhappy File troubles

    I am working on a program to manipulate files. Data is read
    from input file and is to be transposed into the output file.

    Here is the description :

    Input File


    and multiple lines like this. Specs. indicate each line can
    be upto 32MB!!!.

    I am printing the decimal equivalent of these characters in the
    output file. Output has to be like :

    /* I have copied input chars. to illustrate. In reality output file
    has decimal equivalents of input chars. */


    and so on.

    What I have done is to read each line into a 'unsigned char buffer'. Find the length of the buffer, print each character
    of the buffer, add a newline and advance file pointer.

    fp1 = Output file pointer
    length = Length of input buffer(line)
    buf = unsigned char buffer

    /** Snippet of code **/
    for(index = 0 ; index < length ; index++)
    pos = ftell(fp1) ;
    pos = ftell(fp1) ;
    iteration+= 1 ; /* Moves the fp1 to beginnig of 2nd col. */

    This does print the data as I want it. But it also adds extra
    characters to the output file(I believe newline). I do not want
    that. Is there is a way it can be accomplished without adding
    'extra/new' characters in the output file.

    PS : The input files can be very huge, as they are generated by
    a automatic chip tester. Each line can be upto 32MB !!!.So far
    I have worked on only simple file stuff.

    Any inputs are really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    fopen("", "rb")

    Binary is your friend.


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    File Troubles

    The code snippet is the actual code I have used to print the
    buffer contents. Buffer contains the data from the input file.

    I am opening files and reading the input file contents using
    the following statements.

    /* Opening input and output file */
    fp = fopen("input_file", "rb");
    fp1 = fopen("output_file,"wb");

    /* Reading from input file */
    fread(buf,sizeof(char), MAX_SIZE,fp) ;
    length = strlen(buf) ;

    Quzah ,

    I am using binary mode to open files.


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    > fread(buf,sizeof(char), MAX_SIZE,fp) ;
    > length = strlen(buf) ;
    So long as buf is
    &nbsp; char buf[MAX_SIZE];
    The killer is strlen - you can't use strlen on a binary string - it will stop at the first \0

    Do this
    &nbsp; length = fread(buf,sizeof(char), MAX_SIZE,fp) ;
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