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    Question another simple program help

    i am trying to write a simple program in which you enter a number e.g.4 and the printout would be ****. or if u entered 10, then the output would be ten of * i.e. **********.
    i only started programming last week so not got too fa so far. any help appreciated! cheers!!

    heres what ive done so far

    #include <stdio.h>

    int x;
    char = *

    printf("enter your number\n");
    scanf("%d", &x);

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    You need to research loops. Lookup both the for and while loops. There are plenty of examples on here if you don't have your book handy.

    >>char = *
    This would be:
    >>char Output = '*';
    where Output is the variable's name.
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    The program will look like this:

    PHP Code:

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()
    int x;               /* space for the user's number */
    char c '*';    /* the character to display */ 
    int i;                /* counter for the "for" loop */
    printf("Enter your number: ");
    scanf("%d", &x);
       for (
    0xi++)       /* counts how many times to print the character */
    printf("%c"c);              /* print the character */
    return 0;

    Of course if the user must enter a number, if he enters something else there will be an error: our x variable is made to hold integer numbers only.

    Studying loops is a good idea, copy-pasting this code will get you nowhere...
    Hope I helped.
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