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    Question Picking up characters in console window


    Is there any existing function in C or WINAPI which can pick up characters from a console window at some given coordinates and then saves it in an array or something else?

    If it does not exist then please advice me how could I write a function which will be able to do that .

    Here's the example:
    Let's say that at the coordinate (0, 0) in the console window we have a character 'A'. Now this function must be able to read this character at the coordinate (0, 0) and save it into the array.

    My biggest mind problem is that how to program a function that will be able to read a character which is already written into a console window. Everything else is simple.

    This is very important for my CGUI project so I really need this function and your help .

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Read this one.

    [edit]Damn board broke the link. Here is it again (you'll have to put it back together): butes.asp
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