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    Cool external variables

    I am trying to use external variables in a fairly simple program. but on build time I am reciving an warnigs and errors
    • warnig:benign redefinition of type
    • error:intializer is not a constant

    what I have done is use a constant foo let us say. declared foo in const.h
    extern int foo;
    then in const.c have said
          int foo;
          int m=3;
    foo = 140 *m;
    reciving the error.. I have no clue y it don't work .. any help is good cheers

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    you can't do it like that..
    the external keyword is just if the int is in another source-file..if you put it in the header it's actually in the same file...uhmm...basically you get:

    external int foo;
    int foo;

    which would cause a redefinition error...(if you include const.h in const.c)

    ...viewlexx - julie lexx

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