Thread: int StrSpn(char *str, int ch);

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    int StrSpn(char *str, int ch);

    I need to implement this function:

    int StrSpn(char *str, int ch);
    The function StrSpn counts the number of consecutive characters in the first argument str (which is null-terminated) that consist entirely of character specified in the second argument string set (which is also null-terminated). Counting begins with the first character in the string.

    This is what it is supposed to do:

    char *teststr = "self-explanatory program";
    char *teststr2 = "123 is the number";
    int count;
    /* count number of initial lowercase letters */
    count = StrSpn(teststr, "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz");
    printf("%d\n", count);
    And the answer should be 4.

    Using only C and stdio.h

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    the function as described takes two char * arguments (well, really should be const char *, but anyway), but you have it protoypted taking a char * and an int
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    It's not that hard. Pseudo code:
    SET Counter TO 0
    SET i TO 0
       IF String[i] EQUALS TO Character THEN
          INCREASE Counter BY 1
       END IF
       INCREASE i BY 1
    END LOOP  
    RETURN Counter

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    What about for this one?
    int StrCSpn(char *str, char *set);
    StrCSpn works like StrSpn except that the sense of how the character is in the second argument is reversed. That is, starting from the beginning of the first character string argument, StrCSpn counts the number of consecutive characters in the string that consist of characters NOT included in the second argument string.

    Would that be this?
    char *str;
    char *set;
    int i = 0;
    int counter;
    int StrSpn(char *str, int ch)
    	long nc;
    	nc = 0;
    	while(getchar() != 0)
    	while(i < nc)
    		if(str != set)
    	return counter;
    If so i get a few errors that I'd need help resolving.

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    Your function prototype looks like this:
    >>int StrCSpn(char *str, char *set);
    and yet you function header looks like this:
    >>int StrSpn(char *str, int ch)
    Why have you changed the type of parameters being passed?

    >>while(getchar() != 0)
    getchar() gets a character from stdin (the keyboard normally). This isn't in the programs requirements spec.

    Avoid the use of global variables in this program, too.

    Try thinking about it before writing the code, and write your own psuedo code. Then convert that to C.
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    Ya i had to fix that.

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