Thread: Some help with the "File Handling".....please!!

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    Talking Some help with the "File Handling".....please!!

    Hi..I got stuck with file handling..
    how can I get the each line's string from the file..??
    I mean..for example, if I have file which contain

    2--->how many countries participate
    united states
    2,1-->these are score for the game

    then, how can I store each line into array??
    like ["2","canada","united states", "2,1"]

    the file format always like that, but I should handle 2 team to 256 knows how to handle the file like this??

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    Use fgets to read a line at a time into an array. Once there, parse the array and copy its contents wherever you need to. I suggest you use something like strncpy for the copying.

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