Thread: output will not write to a second file

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    Unhappy output will not write to a second file

    If someone could help I would greatly appreciate. I am reading in a compressed file, searching for "bad" data, and writing out an error file if any bad data is found. My problem is that the "good" file is writing fine, but i am not able to write to the other file. I noticed that I can get things to print if I loop more than five times.
    I even tried inserting and fprintf command at the very beginning of the program and nothing will write to this file. This is very weird and I have never encountered this before. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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    Code? We are not mind reader, you know...

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    Speak for yourself Magos!

    First off you do realize that printf writes to stdout, right? You should be opening your files before you process the file. The reason for this is because it is possible that you are only allowing the file to be open under a condition that is not being met. Also you may be opening it more than once (unlikely though, your problems would be much different). You could also write your errors to stderr. And if you desperately need stderr dumped into a file you can always do this:

    FILE *my_error_log = freopen("error.log", "w", stderr);
    //the next two statements do the same thing
    fprintf(my_error_log, "error!");
    fprintf(stderr, "error!");
    Of course the skeleton code there omits error handling.

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