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    64 bit

    my programm is going to work on a i386 (32bit) with win2000. So the largest value a variable can holt is 32 bit, with unsigned long. however, i need to wirk with values up to 64bit. how can i do this? i need to be able to access these numbers, calculate with them and so on.

    thanks for help

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    i am curently using vc++: is the variable defntn then

    __int64 myvar;

    if i want to keep my code portable, which way would i go? i once read in an assembler book that you can "link" two 32bit registers together. i'm very unsure about that. but it should be possible to define one int as a high part and the other as the lower. (with that we could create 128bit and so on). i just got stuck how to work with that.
    anyway, i think i'll gona use the __int64. but i am interested in the answer on my second question anyways :-)

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    The best way is to typedef __int64 int64 or something similar.
    You can look at the source code to crafty in

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