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    Exclamation Help Please!

    I was wondering how I can take a string entered in and separate it so I can use individual characters.
    user enter in "3 + 4 + 8 * 9 / 3 + 4"
    I want to get all those characters seperately and then be able to apply the order of operations.

    I'm not finding much out in any of the books I have.
    Any help will be very appreciated.

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    If the user is entering it all as a string, then you will need to tokenise your string. 'strtok' is useful for this. Everybody has a preference but that's an OK place to start.
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    You can calculate arithmetic expressions by converting it from infix to postfix form.

    eg. infix : 3+4

    postfix : 34 +

    The algorithm for this is available in Data structure books,preferably by tremblay and sorenson.

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