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    Originally posted by Hammer
    Technically not correct, imho. It will store a binary representation of a decimal 1 in an int variable, which will require lots of preceding binary 0's to pad the int. Therefore, we are storing is as 0000000....1 And how many digits is that?!

    Anyway, pointless argument really We're both right, in our own way.
    Yeah I thought of that after I typed it. Unless you're on a "big endian" system, in which case it'd be something horrible like:


    Or, no, it's something screwed up because of the way it flops the byte ordering, something like:


    I don't recall off the top of my head, but it's ugly anyway.

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    You guys don't take jokes or sarcasism to well
    Since the code is supposivly wrong how is anyone
    supposed to know what clashes mean. For example
    the code could be to count the number of probes. This would
    make more sence the running time of each search is based
    on the number of probes.
    It's common to say that's a six digit number. By that
    I'm saying it takes at most six digits to store it.

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    It's little endian system that's horrible. It stores the least
    signficant byte first. You might have to define if your
    storing 1 in a int, double, or char.

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