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    im tring to understand that command...
    what is it comparing.. what if i was going to use
    something like.. a letter instead of a number..
    i tried a letter but it just keeps on looping... .. but im tring to understand what the command really does or is...

    int main()
      char n, x;
      char str1[] = "testing partion comparing";
      char str2[] = "Testing other comparing";
         puts("Enter number of characters to comare, 0 to exit\n");
         if(n <= 0)
         x = strncmp(str1, str2, n);
         printf("Comparing %d characters, strncmp() returns %d.\n\n\n",n, x);
        return 0;
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    It will always fail (ie: not = 0) on the first character, because the fist letter is different. For a better test, try these strings instead:


    First use n as 5 characters. Then use it as 6.

    That'll tell help. strncmp tells if one string comes before another by comparing each characters decimal value, character by character.

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    > char n, x;

    These should be declared as int's:
    int n, x;

    I guess technically, n should be declared as size_t:

    size_t n;
    int x;

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